2 95-KN Medical Face Cover with Air Valve

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Protective Face Covers Will Only Help Prevent And Not Guarantee Protection From Contaminants.  Caution And Common Sense Must Always Be Used.

  • Single Piece KN95 Medical Face Cover with Air Valve
  • Very Popular Asian Brand
  • Easy Breathing Air Valve with the Same KN95 Protection
  • Personal Use Mask Individually Wrapped for Added Protection
  • Treat Your face cover  as a Valuable Apparatus to Get Full Use
  • PM2.5 Particle Rating 
  • KN95 is the rating given to a mask that can filter out 95% of dust and particulates in the air.
  • Ideal for Helping Preventing the Spread of Viruses Such as COVID-19
  • Comfort Fit Medical Mask
  • Ideal for Around the House, Walking the Dog or around Friends and Co-Workers
  • Comfortable Elastic Supports
  • Made in China